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Definition: A vacancy is when a job or place is empty and no one is currently using it. This can happen when someone leaves a job or when a property is not. The vacancy rate measures the percentage of vacant positions in an organization over a specific period.A paid employment that has recently been created is. vacancy · ​[countable] a job that is available for somebody to do. job vacancies · ​[countable] a room that is available in a hotel, etc. I'm sorry, we have no. VACANCY meaning: 1: a job or position that is available to be taken; 2: a room in a hotel, motel, etc., that is available for use. Vacancy (economics) or job opening, a position offered by a business that wishes to hire a worker; Vacancy (housing), unoccupied houses in a community. Film.

vacancy · 1 the state or condition of being vacant or unoccupied; emptiness · 2 an unoccupied post or office we have a vacancy in the accounts department · 3 an. Job Vacancy Rate for a quarter is defined as the total number of job vacancies divided by the total demand for manpower at the end of the quarter. The total. A vacancy is when there is a job position open for hiring in the company, a position for which no one is yet employed. What causes a Vacancy? Here are some of. Economic Definition of job vacancy rate. Defined. Term job vacancy rate Definition: A simple little ratio of the number of job vacancies in our economy to the. vacancy noun [C] (JOB) a job that is available for someone to do: Tell me if you hear of any vacancies for secretaries. Vacancy definition. Vacancy refers to a vacant job position within a company. When a vacancy occurs, it is the responsibility of the hiring managers to. A vacancy is a job or position that has not been filled. Most vacancies are at the senior level, requiring appropriate qualifications. 2. countable noun. An unoccupied position or office; unfilled post, situation, or job. Webster's New World. Similar definitions. More Noun Definitions (5). Synonyms: Synonyms. job vacancy. Powered by TransLegal. Welcome to our website. We use cookies and similar technologies to provide an optimal user experience. A vacancy, particularly a job vacancy, is when a certain role or job designation is open and available for candidates to apply. In other words, there is a need. vacancy · [uncountable] the state of being vacant; emptiness. · a vacant or unoccupied place, esp. one for rent, as a hotel room or an apartment:[countable].

Job vacancy broadly refers to an unfilled position within an organization for which the employer is looking to hire. Labour demand is commonly defined as. a job that is available in an organization and that people can apply for: We currently have a vacancy for a sales representative. job/staff vacancies Job. a vacant, empty, or unoccupied place, as untenanted lodgings or offices: This building still has no vacancies. an unoccupied position or office: a vacancy on. 1[countable] a job that is available for someone to do job vacancies a temporary vacancy vacancy (for somebody/something) vacancies for bar staff to fill a. a job vacancy: an available job, an employment opening idiom. "Ref: Job vacancy for Special Assistant to the CEO" "Jason: We have plenty of other vacancies. An unoccupied position or job · An available room in an establishment providing accommodation · The state of being empty · A lack of interest, intelligence or. A vacancy has arisen (=become available) in the department for a senior haven't been able to find anyone to fill this vacancy Define Job Vacancies. Job Vacancies synonyms, Job Vacancies pronunciation, Job Vacancies translation, English dictionary definition of Job Vacancies. n. pl. Vacancy. A job that has not been filled. A job vacancy may occur when an employee quits or is terminated or when a company creates a new position.

An unoccupied position or job. vacancynoun. An available room in a hotel; guest house, etc. vacancynoun. Empty space. job vacancy means a workplace (position) for filling of which (for occupying the position) an employer is looking for a suitable employee. When a job vacancy arises, organizations set out on a quest to find the right candidate to occupy the position. This process, known as recruitment, serves as. Vacancies mean loss of production, reduced service, and potential loss of growth opportunities for your organization. These may be the times you explain to your. A vacancy exists when a new job has been created, or when a prior incumbent has permanently vacated that position. A vacancy in any office because of death.

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